Colva Furs – Fur Clothing since 1964

Created in the early 1960ies by the founder Olao Vaccari, Colva Group has gained a unique role between furriers and fur designers.

Since the early years, Colva has decided to adopt an artisanal approach, paying attention to highest quality of raw-materials and manufacturing processes.

At the beginning of the 1980ies, the participation of the son and the daughter of the founder, entailed the expansion of the group which specialised more and more in tailoring of fur fashion. The direct import of  raw materials from their countries of origin by the experts of Colva raised the international force of Colva, without altering its tradition of artisanal tailoring.

This choice to produce  through a complete circle has brought the company to be personally present in the most important auctions all over the world. Buying the best of the global production of farmed furs and wild furs originating from the American market, allows the company to absolutely respect the rules  of the Washington Convention.

Our collections of italian fur clothing are the results of an imaginative and careful stylistic research, carried out internally in the company with the collaboration of the most important designers. All of the fur fashion creations by Colva are completely made in Italy, assembled with absolute attention to detail and quality in the finest details.

Every new model and idea are being studied in the styling studio, directed and controlled by Sonia Vaccari, which can be considered one of the most important experts worldwide in the field of fur tailoring and production of quality fur clothing for high fashion.

The experience and the skills of the styling studio make it possible to create collections that combine stylistic innovation with the necessity to be able to wear furs in everyday life and in special occasions.

Today, Colva Group offers its fur clothing in more than 10 countries paying attention to the specific requirements in terms of fashion and wearability of its garments.